Comprehensive Speech Therapy Documentation

Integrate Audio Recordings With Session Notes And Data

Use the SpeechKites™ comprehensive documentation system to capture audio recordings and mark notable moments on the audio timeline, and integrate these with data collection and session notes (with readily accessible IPA characters).

See And Hear Progress Over Time

Use the SpeechKites unique approach of combining audio recordings with data collection to monitor progress in a new way. Plot data to recognize data trends, and click on a data point to bring you to that moment in the recording!

Demonstrate Accountability And Justify Service Decisions

Use your SpeechKites records to facilitate collaboration with family and support staff, enhance your explanation of client skills and therapeutic strategies, and support your service decisions.

Easily create a permanent, integrated document of audio recordings, data collection, and session notes:

  • Support decisions for initiation, provision, and dismissal from services
  • Ensure continuity of care and share progress as clients transfer between therapists
  • Gather baseline data, mark notable moments, and take notes during evaluation sessions to lay the foundation for your evaluation reports
  • Access client documents on YOUR device, forever. No subscription fee necessary

Capture audio recordings and mark notable communication moments on the audio timeline:

  • Facilitate collaboration with family and support staff by sharing notable moments from audio recordings
  • Enhance your explanation of client skills, needs, and therapeutic strategies
  • Provide audio feedback and help develop client self-analysis skills
  • Show your client's progress with the audio recordings: nothing proves progress like an audio recording

Collect data and calculate percentages for multiple goals:

  • Reduce documentation time with real-time data collection and analysis
  • Switch easily between client documents to take data during group sessions
  • Plot data into graphs and generate PDFs to share with family and support staff
  • Determine prompting strategy effectiveness with unique data analysis

Take session notes with easy access to IPA characters:

  • Use IPA in SpeechKites notes and generate PDFs with IPA characters and embedded fonts to share written session notes with support staff
  • Start with one of the IPA keyboards provided by SpeechKites Software to insert IPA symbols into text: the basic English IPA keyboard, the basic Spanish IPA keyboard, or the full IPA keyboard a comprehensive list of IPA symbols including diacritics
  • Customize your own keyboard with IPA characters for your use, or to share with colleagues

Plot data and create interactive graphs:

  • Click on any data point and access the corresponding session documents with notes, data, and audio recordings
  • Create plots for each goal to chart progress, and analyze your prompting hierarchy outcomes
  • Use plots as visual supports when discussing progress with clients, family, and support staff
  • Generate PDFs of the plots for your files, and share with family and support staff

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